10 Tips of Vacuum Cleaning for Your Laminate Wood Flooring

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Everyone thinks they have the right perception of home cleaning and most of the times we do not like to be taught how to clean our own house.

But are some cases there are a certain type of surfaces which need special care and techniques.

There are many kinds of flooring being used in the modern house décor such as tiles, synthetic sheets, and carpeting. But the most desirable and elegant type is laminate wood flooring because it consists of various advantages for instance grace and health benefits.

Some of the ideas that are suggested here can assist you in keeping this floor pretty for a longer period.

1. Remove the dust with a soft brush

Only use a brush that has gentle fibers to sweep off the dust every day. Getting rid of the dry particles from a laminated floor is essential because they can create minute scratches when coming in contact with human feet.

Carefully scrape away the dust so that your smooth floor looks impeccable regularly for a long time without any special care. A broom with hard pointy tassels is able to make permanent scratches and damage to the expensive flooring.

2. Use appropriate wiping equipment and liquids

Always apply the liquid with the help of a spray bottle or a soft squirting nozzle should be placed on the jar holding the intended solution.

Detergents are a bad choice for this purpose because they can remove the laminating surface quite quickly. The good quality products available in the market for this purpose are acetone based so that it has a mild effect on the smooth, shiny floor.

You can also make a cleaning mixture at home with vinegar, water and a few drops of light scented essential oil that ensures a thin coating on the floor when you clean it. Also, make sure that the mop has microfibers that has a soft impact on the surface it proposes to clean.

3. Avoid any acids for cleaning

Use a liquid that has a neutral effect on any surface. You need to be careful about using concentrated acids on this wooden floor because it can cause severe damage.

Check the ingredients of a product keenly before putting it to work for your gorgeous laminate floors. Acidic products cannot be good for any cleaning purpose if used very often, but in the case of this floor, it is always a big no.

4. The duration between cleaning sessions is important

Obsessively cleaning your house can cause severe damage to your house, especially to the shiny floors.

Using a broom or a mop with more pressure is also not a good idea. The people who choose laminate flooring should understand that there is a great difference between cleaning and over cleaning.

Anything that is happening disproportionately will become a problem for you in a few days. The gloss of your floor will go away rapidly if you clean it with unreasonable zest many times a day.

5. Using soaps can make it slippery and dangerous

We already mentioned above that detergents are never a good idea.

Also, remember that soap based items can be very harmful as they do not leave the surface easily and after the mopping is done you can feel the slippery texture on the floor. That can be extremely dangerous for kids and old people because you would not want people falling and getting injured often.

6. Furniture should have rubber pads under the feet

Sometimes it’s not your choice, but you have to drag some heavy piece of furniture from one point to another in the house or office.

Install small rubber patches under the feet of heavy objects so that if someone moves them, there is no chance of the floor getting undue scratches or in worst scenarios permanent lines pressed in it. This may seem like extra work on the list, but in the long run, you will be pleased that it was done.

7. Saving money while buying cleaners can cost you much morež

Affordability is a good idea when you want to buy a cleaning liquid for the high quality expensive laminated floors, but saving too much can become a huge expense in the long run.

Although you can may choose vacuum cleaner for cleaning roofs at home is best option but if you want immaculate results, then go for the liquids in the market that your experts recommend.

8. Use plastic knives for removing sticky objects

If you have kids in the house, use their toy knife made of plastic to scrap off any sticky thing on the floor. Do not feel bad when something like a chewing gum is stuck on the floor, because installing laminate flooring is best option to clean your house.

It is extremely easy to detach sticky things from this type of floor. Use any thin plastic item with soft and blunt edges to get the thing off in few seconds. In any case, do not try to use steel knives because they will create permanent cuts on the surface.

9. Use ice to remove greasy spills

In case of any spills that come in the category of sticky oil, chewing gum, and grease, then do not panic.

The instant action should be freezing off the greasy thing so that it can be scrapped off easily. If you experience a large amount of oil spill then instantly sprinkle huge amount of corn flour or baby powder on it and leave for 5-10 minutes. After that remove with soft cloth and mop the surface to be good as new.

10. Dry the floor properly and rapidly after cleaning

Every effort will go to waste if in the end we do not dry the floor thoroughly before moving on to a new chore. You can use small portable fans for this task.

Would you like the beautiful floor become soggy and damaged because it remains wet for longer time after you mop it. After so much hard work, finish the task effectively so that the results are perfect.

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