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Peter Tremblay

My name is Peter Tremblay, and I created Best Vacuum HQ in response to solving a huge problem I had.

I’m pretty OCD when it comes to keeping a clean house. Better than the alternative, right? The thing is, I could never find the right equipment to keep everything tidy.

That’s because I absolutely love carpeting, but nobody likes maintaining carpeting. It’s called a chore for a reason.

Well, not anymore. When you have the right equipment for any job, it makes it go smoothly. Sometimes, it even makes it fun.

I had tried tons of inexpensive vacuums because I wanted to pinch pennies where I could. It worked… for a short amount of time. 

It was one of those things that I finally realized you get what you pay for, but it seemed like you either had to get the cheap models or an excessively expensive state-of-the-art machine.

I didn’t like that, so I made Best Vacuum HQ to even the playing field, and give everyone the chance to investigate features and information about the best vacuums, and what sets them apart from department store rip-offs.

It isn’t just about the vacuums, though; it’s about how to use them properly. I cover information on hardwood floor cleaning, laminate, how to maintain them and more.

The goal was to make this a one-stop resource for all your vacuum tips, tricks and top picks, which is why I’m adding to this every single day.

Let’s keep those carpets clean, those laminate floors dust-free, and your investment of a vacuum high-functioning at all times.