Compare Dyson v7 vs. Dyson v8


Thanks to the rapid development of technology, many kinds of vacuum cleaners like upright, canister, robotic ones have been available in the market these days. In spite of the variety of vacuums, the cordless vacuum cleaners have been always popular among housewives. Today, we are going to talk about the Dyson V7 and the Dyson V8 – the most trustworthy models of Dyson nowadays to see how they are different from each other and how these dissimilar features mean to you.  So after reading this review,  you can make a decision to buy the most suitable machine for your house.


DYSON – Established in 1990, Dyson has become more and more familiar with families regardless of economic class as well as ages. Up to now, Dyson has had 23 percentage of market share in United States which mainly comes from its vacuum cleaner’s sale figure. It is undeniable that Dyson is one of the first-rated cordless brands all over the world in recent years.


  • In term of design, both the Dyson V7 and V8 are cordless vacuum cleaners utilizing 2 tier radial cyclones. Without any wire of cables in this kind of vacuum cleaners, you can use it conveniently and quickly any time you want in your house or even for your cars. Needless to be worried about carrying a heavy machine every time you want to clean especially when you suffer from backache.
  • Being fairly light in weight make it easy go to hard-to-reach corners
  • Switching between stick and handheld mode make it easy to vacuum furniture, floors, stairs and more
  • A convenient in-wall charging place
  • Emptying canister through push button
  • Up to 115W of power capability
  • Both the Dyson V7 and the Dyson V8 contain a docking station to charge and store accessories.


Although they have many similarities, the differences between them should be taken into consideration.


Side-by-side Comparison Chart:

Weight2.3kg (5.45 Ibs)2.61kg (5.75 Ibs)
Battery2100 mAh2800 mAh
Run time 30 mins40 mins
Charge Time 3,5 hours5 hours
Max Suction100W115W
Direct – Drive Floor Head75% more powerful than the V6150% more powerful than the V6
HEPA filterNoYes
No-Touching Dirt EmptyingYesYes
Docking StationYesYes
Dustbin0.4 L0.54 L
Noise70 dB73 dB
Clean Performance89%95%
Maintenance$17 per year$32 per year
PricePrice on Amazon Price on Amazon

(This chart is based on manufacturer’s information)

Details about Differences


The most distinctive characteristic between these products is the filtration system. While the Dyson V8 is equipped with HEPA filter, the Dyson V7 is just equipped with basic filter.

About the effectiveness of capturing dust, dirt as well as pet hair, HEPA filter performs the better result.

Especially, for people who suffers from allergy or asthma, I highly suggest that you should choose the Dyson V8 thanks to HEPA filters.

The bottom line: The Dyson V8 has an efficient performance and is good for your respiratory system.


The second distinction is the run time of two models of Dyson. According to the information of manufacturer, it is half an hour for the V7. On the contrary, the Dyson V8 has the run time of 40 minutes. You might think that 10 minutes more makes no difference. But indeed, it would be important if your house is large.

It is the difference in the run time which makes a difference in the recharging time. While the Dyson V7 only takes you three and a half hours, the Dyson having longer run time takes 5 hours to charge when its battery gets low.

The bottom line: The Dyson V8 has longer run time. But it takes more amount of time to charge.


Another feature that you should consider is the suction power. The Dyson V8 has more powerful engine up to 115W. It is 15W less for the V7 models. It makes sense that the more powerful the suction power, the more dust together with pet hair it captures. You can see it clearly when turning Boost-mode on while vacuuming your carpet.

I don’t mean that the V7 does not have ability of picking up dust and pet hair. When compared to the Dyson V6 models, the V7 is really stronger than them.

The bottom line: The V8 has a more powerful engine.


A small improvement of the brush has been made on the Dyson V8, which is more useful when it picks up pet hair.

Now, it’s time for us to look at user’s experience in their daily lives.


The Dyson V7 has the lower level of noise in comparison to the Dyson V8 (approximately 3 dB lower). I think it is perhaps differences in the suction power that leads to the distinction in the level of noise between two models.


About the cleaning performance, it is tested that the Dyson V8 does a better task. The Dyson V8 accounts for 95% of the cleaning effectiveness.


The expense for maintaining a Dyson V8 is almost double than a Dyson V7.


Overall, the Dyson V7 costs less than the Dyson V8

You can check the current price of the Dyson V7 on Amazon here.

You can check the current price of the Dyson V8 on Amazon here.



What they like about:

  • Affordable price
  • Powerful engine
  • Being fit for small or medium house
  • Compact design and easy to move
  • Picking up a certain amount of pet hair
  • Being simple to switching between different modes

What they don’t like

  • Quite short run time

Specific Reviews

Good Points:

It has good engine. They are fairly satisfied with its performance on their carpets as well as hardwood floor. Equipped with Direct Drive floor head, it can vacuum 75% more powerful when compared to the Dyson V6. Housewives can map out the floor through the Dyson V7’s active head section in easy and simple way. The stick-down has positive influence when users turn on Max-power mode.

For hardwood floor, users of the V7 Animal can trust the ability of picking up medium-size dust and debris in hard-to-reach points just by activating normal power mode because it is equipped with Direct- Drive floor head. It can clean effectively many crumbles coming from oats and cereal thanks to the brush’s excellent bristles.

Many pet owners highly recommend this product for others who also having puppies or cats because the Direct Drive floor head will remove pet hair on their carpet completely, and this sort of hair won’t get stuck into the head’s base. These things will be given in dustbin immediately.

According to the Dyson V7 Animal models, they are really content with the stiff bristles which make pet hair not have capability of hiding deep in carpet and a strong and effective brush bars.

Unlike the majority of bagless vacuum cleaners, the No-Touching Dust Emptying system of the Dyson V7 allows users to dump furball’s content.

This kind of cordless vacuum cleaner make it convenient to empty and clean big-size hair. Simple to use on stairs with powerful engine, brush bar, Direct – Drive Floor Head, light in weight as well as hand balance. The V7 shows its customers a wonderful performance on the stairs with a little noise.

Its users are also happy with the safety when utilizing it.

Bad points: Although there are numerous characteristics that customers feel satisfied, the Dyson V7 still have some drawback. One of them is the 0.4L dustbin. They wish that I could be bigger than this. It also would be better if its manufacturer can give a longer run time.

Among different versions of the Dyson V7 (Motor Head, Total Clean, Animal and Trigger), the Dyson V7 Motor Head and Animal are the most popular at the moment.

For the Dyson V7 Animal version, customers are in favor of the powerful suction power as well as the filter with the capability of being washed at any time. Besides it is claimed to be easy and simple to start, run and control. It also shows a wonderful performance on various sorts of floors as well as carpets. Additionally, you can be surprised by how much the amount of pet hair it can pick up.

However, about 20% of users said that when you run it with maximum power mode, the engine at the top can be hotter and you just have about 6 minutes to use it on this mode. You need to press all the time if you want it to work until the cleaning process is done.

You can check out the Dyson V7 Animal in details on Amazon here.

For the Dyson Motor Head version, the suction power, compact dimension and the low level of noise are the biggest reasons why it can become prevalent nowadays. With these features, you can easily control it in medieval areas, and store it after vacuuming. Besides, the catching color makes its users feel comfortable It helps remove effectively fibres or even pet hair and long hair from rugs thanks to good brush. It is also safe if you have kids because of its cordless design.  It is an ideal tool for a car as well because it provides customers with the extra accessories – the smaller roller. No-Touching Dust Emptying technology support cleaning job needless to touch any dirt in your house or furniture.

However, because of separated tools as well as the short run time on maximum power mode, you need to clean more than one time if your house is large.

You can check out the Dyson V7 Motor Head on Amazon here.


What they like

  • Wonderful engine
  • Fit for small , medium or even large house
  • Unexpected excellent clean pet hair
  • Perform well on hard floor and soft surface
  • Switch to the handheld mode easily
  • Including a variety of accessories
  • Longer run time when compared to the Dyson V7
  • HEPA filter for people suffering allergy
  • Quite light and easy to move
  • Can wash the filters

What they don’t like

  • Less economic than the Dyson V7
  • Not enough from the dust bin
  • Have more weight than the Dyson V7

Specific Reviews:

Good points: The majority of customers feel appointed with its ease while they use it. It has excellent and powerful suction power and can go to hard-to-reach areas. Users can find a multitude of attachments which might become useful if you want to clean your furniture or car, and it is perfect for customers having trouble with allergy.

It effectively captures pet hair. Many people are excited by the amount of pet hair that it can pick up just in a very small corner. It brings the best results when cleaning in kitchen, bed room and laundry places.

It is recommended that you should purchase the Dyson V8 Absolute products for floor covered by carpet with intention of changing the heads easily. It also saves a large amount of time. It has perfect run time of battery for cleaning. Its design for mess-free cleaning makes them completely content.

It is safe even you have kids. The speed of shipping was surprisingly fast. The plus heads is definitely perfect for the hardwood floor and dust buster as well.

Bad points: Some people claim that it tends to be hot when they use it about 20 minutes. Especially, when it is on high speed, they need to stop running it. The maintenance of this products decreases after 1 year. It can pulse after 5 to 10 minutes. Both the service center and the staffs are not good as expected.

The noise level of this product also makes its users feel dissatisfied a bit. The lack of Lock button requires people maintain to maintain to power button while cleaning. You need to spend a high budget if you want to buy one.

The minority of users want manufactures to lengthen the run time so that they can vacuum the whole house in one time. In spite of good suction power, sometimes the Dyson V8 can’t remove dirt on the hard wood floor indeed. It would be better if it could have the rotating as well as debris picking-up head. Sometimes it is in trouble when being on carpet.

There are 2 versions of the Dyson V8 for you to select: the Dyson V8 Absolute and Animal. However, through many reviews, I find out that the Dyson Absolute receives more positive comments.

Compared to the older models –Dyson V6, the level of noise is reduced considerably (about 50% lower). Even when users are on the phone, they can hear the conversation without missing a word. This makes cleaning task not be an irritating job in your house because of its noise anymore.

The cleaning quality of the Dyson V8 Absolute is rated at a high rank. In case you have experienced using other vacuum cleaners, sometimes you could have felt that its engine starts to be slower when it almost runs out of the battery. Unlike these kinds of vacuum cleaners, the suction power of the Dyson V8 maintains unchanged from the beginning to the end of the cleaning process. Moreover, the engine is not influenced noticeably by the amount of dirt, pet hair and dust in the dustbin.

You can check the Dyson V8 Absolute model in details on Amazon here. 

Does the Dyson V8 completely blow the cold atmosphere to you?

Yes, Thanks to the Post motor filter, the back of this product is a place which the machine leads the atmosphere to. After that, it is going to go out vacuum cleaner when going into the machine.


Considered together, when compared to the Dyson V7, the Dyson V8 has much more effective filter, 10 minutes longer durability of the run time, more powerful suction power. If you have higher budget, I think you might want to stick to the Dyson V8. I don’t want to say that the Dyson V7 is not good at all. There are lots of similarities between these models. From my point of view, perhaps the Dyson V8 is the most outstanding cordless vacuum cleaners among a variety of products these days (until the invention of the Dyson V10). It’s still a good cordless vacuum with a cheaper price in comparison to the Dyson V8. I hope that this review would be of help to you. By reading it carefully, you can choose the most appropriate model for your home.

If you find out that either of these products is fit for your house, you can buy the Dyson V7 or the Dyson V8 on Amazon here.