How to buy a vacuum cleaner

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Vacuum cleaners are products of technology which plays an essential role in housing chores.

People nowadays feel tired of cleaning on daily basis and while some people are still using the traditional method of cleaning-sweeping, vacuum cleaners become ever-popular when it comes to cleaning large places.

If you still have doubts about whether or not should you own a vacuum cleaner, then you should read the reasons below:

  • Vacuum cleaners make cleaning more effective as they help to pick up a great deal of dust, dirt and various kinds.
  • Vacuum cleaners reduce a considerable amount of time of cleaning. Some cleaners allow you to do your own business while they are operating.
  • Vacuum cleaners are equipped with advanced technology that will help to improve indoor air quality and protect your family’s health.
  • Vacuum cleaners help you save money since carpets, rugs and many kinds of floor last longer if they are well-maintained.

What is the best vacuum cleaner?

The best vacuum cleaner can make tedious activities such as house cleaning at least bearable.

Whether you’re looking for a super-powered full-sized vacuum cleaner or a handheld model that you can move around from one place to another, there are numerous great products out there to choose from.

Nowadays, vacuums these days come in different shapes and sizes, they are packed with various features so you can figure out which will best suit your needs and budget.

Buying the best vacuum cleaner might seem like a matter of scrolling through web sales sites, but doing your research by reading reviews on the Internet is essential and useful.

If you’re overwhelmed by the different models on the market these days, check out reviews and buying guides in our web site. The posts cover all necessary information, including key features technologies and price tag you need to know about.

What to look for in the best vacuum cleaner?

There are five main types of vacuum cleaners on the market, each of them have different functions. Knowing specific pros. and cons. help you wisely and decisively pick a suitable type.

Types of vacuum cleaners

Types of Vacuum

Handheld vacuum

Handheld vacuum cleaners are perfect for reaching difficult places as they are small, lightweight appliances that can fit in your car or back of your closet, etc.

These machines are so handy and convenient that you can quickly pick up small particles such as cereal or tidy up dirt on the car seats, car mats or floors.

Its versatility makes it a desired product for suctioning up debris and dirt in a variety of tight places. In addition, because of the cordless design, you can move it around with one hand or leave it in the car for the next cleaning plan.

Upright vacuum

Upright cleaners are probably the most sought-after type of vacuum cleaners and considered to be best for carpets, but also be used for bare floors.

This type of cleaner consists of a few essential components: an intake port and an exhaust port, a motor that drives a fan, and a bag to collect dust or dirt.

There are two types of upright vacuums, based on the structural design: direct fan cleaners and fan-bypass cleaners. The product usually comes with a few on-board cleaning attachments which make it easier to reach hard positions, such as corners, edges.

Stick vacuum

Stick vacuums are slim, lightweight models which use rotating brush and light suction to suck debris into a bag.

This type is perfect for quick touch-ups, like under a table or cleaning after dinner. You can disconnect the wand and it will become a handheld.

A stick vacuum may be the least powerful cleaners but it is perfect for getting into narrow places and works wonders on hardwood floors, rugs and more.

Canister vacuum

Canister vacuums are like a medium between the upright models and the stick products.

However, compared to the upright vacuums, the canisters are more powerful, lighter and better for reaching under furniture areas. In terms of appearance, it features a slender frame like stick cleaners. The machine comes as separate canister usually attached on 2 wheels and a long wand which is used to maintain carpeted areas and also bare flooring.

The main special feature of this type of vacuum cleaner is the capability of changing into different heads for various jobs.


Robotic vacuums are the most popular types of cleaner nowadays. With the attractive design, powerful suction features, advanced technologies, and WI-FI connection, robotic sure has attracted the public’s attention since it is released.

These cool machines can map your room and crawl around to clean without helps from you. The size is perfect for it to get under the furniture and clean out dust, debris, fiber and more.

Some products allow you to schedule in advance in case you’re away for work or vacation. Perhaps, because of all great benefits it brings about, the prices are pretty costly.

Extra cleaning tools

You should know how to use extra tools in order to make the most of your vacuum cleaner. Those attachments are supposed to be helpful. Read the common four below:

Crevice tool

It is often tapered to a skinny end. With its skinny shape and angled tip, it is meant to reach into small positions, such as corners, along baseboards, between sofa cushions, table legs and more. It is also perfect for cleaning tight space like car.

Dusting brush

Normally, dusting brushes have long, soft and angled bristles designed to whisk and force dust into the hose. This is a great tool for cleaning hard surfaces, delicate area and upholstery.

Upholstery tool

This is a wonderful tool to use on drapes, curtains or other window treatments. The attachment comes with wide shape and a lint-catching fabric trip which is also perfect for whisk dust from sofas, chairs, mattresses and cushions.

Extension wand

This feature allows the wand of the vacuum cleaners to extend giving added to your cleaning ability; therefore, this is an ideal tool for ceilings, ceiling fans, drapes and other window treatments. Upright or canister vacuum usually come with this attachment.

Other important considerations

vacuum parts
  • Suction and power: the power of the suction motor in vacuum cleaner is one of the most important aspects regarding to the effective performance of vacuum cleaners. The suction power of a vacuum cleaner is the capability of efficiently suck up the dust and dirt from floors, carpets, rugs, etc. The power of a vacuum cleaner is measured in watts and sometimes “airwatts”. Obviously, higher suction equals more power.
  • Filtration system: when a vacuum pulls in air, the filtration system will sucks in dirt particles of various sizes and prevent the dirt from recirculating back to the air. The filters are designed with a bunch of tiny holes in different kinds of materials that will allow the dirty air to be pushed through but large particles won’t fit through the little spaces so that the machine only let the clean air out from the other side.
  • HEPA filters: HEPA stands for “High Efficiency Particle Arrest” which can trap up to 99.97% of all 0.3 micron particles. Therefore, vacuum cleaners with HEPA filtration are perfect for sensible allergic or asthma people. As a result, vacuum cleaners equipped with HEPA filter surely will be more expensive.
  • Disposable filters: users should change these filters every few months. One of its cons. is the high upkeep.
  • Water filtration: Water filter vacuum cleaner uses the natural power of water. It helps thoroughly clean the floors and make the room air freshened as well. The water in the filter is usually rotated at high speed and filters out any sucked-in dust. As a result, the air is fresh and clean. Suitable for allergy suffers. Its main drawback is that you have to clean the water compartment frequently for sanitary reasons.
  • Weight: the purpose of this feature is that the more lightweight the vacuum is the more portable and convenient it is. Ideal average weight is about 10 pounds. However, you still can find a very good product that weight around 20 pounds. Also, some vacuum cleaners can weigh as low as 4-5 pounds but you must be careful that those models might not work so well on deep rugs of carpets.
  • Warranty: the period varies between 1 to 5 years. Most vacuum cleaners have 1 year warranty, which includes both hard parts and labor cost. Some companies, such as Dyson offer 5-year warranty that is a great sign of the quality of product.

There are many more features that you should consider for the best vacuum cleaners.

I highly recommend that you should go through this site and read every little detail about your favorite vacuums to have a more clear comparison.