iRobot Roomba 665 Reviews

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iRobot is known as one of the most famous robotic vacuum manufacturers, which has built high-quality gadgets for recent years.

Now, they have just released the most durable, best –selling, advanced and smart floor cleaners on the marketplace.

Let’s have a detailed look at these Roomba 665 models.

What are the striking features of Roomba 665

The Roomba 665, honestly, is one of the worse products of Roomba out there. 

However, it is not a very bad model, in fact, it is one of the less advanced and cheapest models with a lot of limited functionalities.

It can work well as a standard automated vacuum. However, there’re several key features that it doesn’t own, which sets ones as the Roomba 805 and 880 apart from the rest.

Nevertheless, in case all you need is a standard robotic vacuum, the Roomba 665 is a good and affordable option.

This vacuum cleaner comes with the ability to clean on every kind of floors just by pushing a button

Its patented 3-stage cleaning system is able to absorb pet hair, dust, and large debris such as grain, in an easy way. That can be achieved easily by pressing the “Clean” button or by running this product 7 times per week.

Moreover, you can use Roomba 665 with the included halo mode or the dual-mode virtual wall barrier in the virtual wall for better control over the place that your robot cleans.

Roomba 665 also includes iRobot Lithium Ion Battery that helps it extend the battery life and extend the distance as well.

With a length of 3.6 centimeters, this vacuum is designed specially to fit most of your furniture, kickboards, and beds. 

The results are quite good when testing this product on various surfaces and allowing it to clean the sand, fibers, fur, and dust. However, what you may not like about the Roomba 665 is that it usually fades spots, sometimes, these spots are obvious.

Besides, this product utilizes a full suite of intelligent sensors, thus, allows it to make more than sixty decisions every second to suit with your demand and help to clean your floors thoroughly. 

Furthermore, this robotic cleaner also features cliff detect sensors for avoiding stairs as well as other drop-offs.

Another highlighted feature of Roomba 665 is that it is technically singled out for your pets. This means that it is specially designed to collect all of your pet hair

Moreover, the Aerovac Technology, which uses some special vacuum cleaners to suck your pet hair, helps this product cleans your house even better.

In addition, the use of lithium-ion battery allows for a smooth run of your Roomba 665 vacuum cleaner.

The product also comes with the Edge-sweeping brush, which is designed at a 270 angle to sweep any debris away from the corners and edges of your home.

The Roomba 665 also has a sleek profile. Therefore, there isn’t any problem of fitting under small object as beds and couches. 

The cleaner also offers cliff detection so that it does not fall off large drops. Nevertheless, it does not include a special system to detect dirt, moreover, the soft/hard barrier detection system and anti-tangle tech do not include in this product as well. 

The vacuum of this model isn’t the strongest, thus, it can take some passes over the similar spot to really pick up everything.



What to expect from this pet hair inhaling robot?

iRobot Roomba 665

For the pet owners, iRobot has supported you with the Roomba 596 and 655. These models offer stiffer brushes for better agitation of the carpet

According to CNet review, the 665 version has a bigger bin than other Roomba’s vacuums.To clarify, it is 3-1/2 times bigger. I am not sure whether it is bigger than most of the current versions of 700, 880 or 980 series, however, when compared to the 500 series, 650’s bin is much bigger.

This offers more cleaning capacity for the vacuum itself and helps user spend less time on emptying the dirty bin. In case you buy this product on Amazon, you are offered a virtual wall, a 2 –type batteries (for your virtual wall), a side brush and a squeegee brush.


The model of Roomba 665 is based on a responsive cleaning technology, which is called iAdapt.

This kind of technology uses different software and sensors to clean your house in a proper and thorough manner.

Furthermore, it is able to adjust itself automatically to each kind of floors, consisting of laminate, hardwood, and carpet.

Roomba 665 makes use of an older version of this technology, just as the Roomba 650.

It navigates your house well, and does an excellent job to deal with several obstacles and to switch from floor to floor. Nevertheless, its cleaning pattern is random completely.

Admittedly, it can clean everywhere. However, it may take two-times longer compared to better models as the Roomba 880.


iRobot Roomba 665

Most of the Roomba models come with some standard scheduling that can be programmed to the machine.

For this 665 model, it can be scheduled up to 7 times every week, or just simply be told to “clean” whenever you want.

Wifi support

Unfortunately, the Roomba 665 doesn’t have Wifi support.

This feature can only be found in the current 600 series – Roomba 690. A highlighted novelty of the Roomba 690 is its Wifi connection.

Thanks to this property, users can control it easily through the iRobot app on the smartphone, which is suitable for both Android and iOS. iRobot also offers support for speech recognition.

Therefore, you can control this 690 vacuum cleaner by just talking to Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

The verdict

If you are searching for a modern vacuum cleaning system with customer satisfaction and good ratings, then, the iRobot Roomba 665 is a suitable option.

Though this product uses a preceding iAdapt technology for functioning, it’s an exceptionally amazing automated clean sweeping for coming with the latest technology.

I hope that you will enjoy our Roomba 665 review. Yet, it can take much more time in comparison with recent models, but still thoroughly get your job done.

If you find out this is the vacuum that you are looking for, you can buy it by clicking on a button below.

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