Roomba 805 vs 890 Comparison And Review



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Among many different types of modern vacuums today, I would highly recommend the roomba. They may be vacuuming up more than you expect. And two types of roombas introduced in this topic are roomba 805 vs 890. Now, you may have some curious questions about them, I think. Hence, this topic would help you to find out your answers.

What is Roomba?

iRobot Roomba is known as a list of autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners created by iRobot Corporation- one of the leading companies in the industry these days.

The Roomba robot vacuum is iRobot’s most famous product and among the best and most durable vacuum robots.

With a three-stage cleaning system, Roomba moves itself around the home and picks up dirt or dust with spinning brushes and a vacuum.

Roomba has developed in recent years to enhance functionality and features with many new models released frequently. Those include roomba 805 vs 890.

Roomba 890 is the later generation of Roomba 805, so in general, Roomba 805 is rather different from 890 in several ways. Let find out what Roomba 805 provides to worth your choice and what Roomba 890 brings us to become a better product.


Both irobot Roomba 805 vs 890 are types of smart floor cleaners in round design. They are equipped with the iAdapt navigation allowing them to clean indoor areas efficiently, adapt to different floor types and keep the robot vacuum out of places you don’t want it to go.

Both devices help us in vacuuming but have typical differences. The following table shows some characteristics of those two compared roombas:

Custom Product Spec 1:
Roomba 805
8.4 pounds
Floor Type:
Hardwood floors, carpet, laminate, tile floors and more.
Wi-Fi capabilities:
Remote control:
Voice control:
1 Lithium-ion batteries needed
18.2(L) x 16.5(W) x 5.5(H) inches
Custom Product Spec 1:
Roomba 890
13.4 pounds
Floor Type:
All Floor Types (indoor)
Wi-Fi capabilities:
Remote control:
Yes (via a mobile app, etc)
Voice control:
Yes (via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, etc)
2 Lithium-ion batteries needed
5x stronger
19.2(L) x 17.2(W) x 6(H) inches

Those are some factors showing some differences between Roomba 805 vs 890. So, which is better? There isn’t the clear-cut winner here. It’s up to you to evaluate each device. Consider what fits your need.

Specific Roomba 805 Vs 890 Reviews

Both Roomba 805 and 890 have its pros and cons based on some special features. It is also necessary to consult some reviews for you to find a perfect model for your family. The information below will show you some best Roomba 805 Vs 890 reviews:

  • Roomba 805:


  • Work effectively on different floor types.
  • Vacuum with perfect performance, from rugs, tiles, to hardwood and laminate floors, etc.
  • Can be programmed to clean up rooms thanks to schedule features, at specific times of the day or when you are busy.
  • Can be easily emptied or cleaned.
  • Be portable to put under the bed or kickboards when you don’t use it anymore.
  • Charge quite fast.
  • Have a soft-touch bumper to avoid stairs and drop-offs.
  • Help you to save lots of time and working energy.
  • Be not a very noisy cleaner.



  • Can pick up stuff like clothes when you leave it to act on its way.
  • Can cause damage to furniture, so you should be careful while using it.
  • Come with only one quite small filter. (not HEPA filter)
  • Can only run for approximately 90 minutes at a time.
  • Can get stuck in a messy area.

Most of the customers are satisfied with the results of Roomba 805. However, some users have some complaint about it:

Customer reviews on Amazon

In addition, you may also purchase one from Costco Wholesale with considerable price and even sometimes with roomba 805 costco coupon. This seems to be fine for those who don’t get the target deal.

  • Roomba 890:


  • Have cliff detect sensors to avoid falling down stairs or tumbling over drop-offs.
  • Vacuum anywhere with excellent cleaning performance (5x the air power)
  • Can be controlled via the app or voice control technology.
  • Use rubber tangle-free brushes instead of bristle ones that aren’t good for pet hair.
  • Not scratch any furniture.
  • Have HEPA filter.
  • Have the full bin status easily viewed via iRobot home app.



  • Not have carpet boost technology.
  • Be rather noisy.
  • Side brush will sweep such huge solid fly.
  • Be not the most advanced Roomba.
  • Not support multiple rooms clean.
  • Have fairly high price.


The Roomba 890 receives good points on different aspects. Anyway, some users say sometimes it doesn’t do a great job:

Customer reviews on Amazon

The Roomba 890 is the middle child of the Roomba family. Its manufacturer may enhance some previous version’ errors and are equipped with more advanced technology. Anyway, it’s up to each family to consult each one and have their best suitable choice.

Some notices in using both Roomba

– They need extra maintenance, about once a week.

– Your pets, like dogs, cats, etc…may be curious about roombas, so you’d better examine them.

– Recharge Roombas as soon as possible for the following use; waiting for a long time can damage the battery.

– In case, they don’t turn on or charge in any way, you can:

+ Remove the battery and place it back to ensure the contact.

+ Plug in the home base and illuminates solid for 4 seconds, then go out.

+ Check the charging contacts of the home base and the robot and use a soft dry cloth to remove any debris from them.

– Store them in a cool, dry place.

You now feel excited to have an own little robot clean the floors for you, don’t you? Both roomba 805 vs 890 are efficient floor cleaners. This topic may help us have an assessment before making any decisions. Expectedly, you may have your answers and easily figure out which one of these can best adapt to your needs.

If you find out this is either of these vacuums that you’re looking for, you can buy Roomba 805 or Roomba 890 here.