Compare & Review iRobot Roomba e5 vs. iRobot Roomba e6


Until now, we have seen a variety of models from one of the top brands – iRobot. However, today, I will focus on two models which are of the greatest product of iRobot – Roomba E5 and Roomba E6. For each product in this review, I am going to write about the overall view, pros and cons, the reasons why people like or do not like it as well as the resemblances together with distinctions between Roomba E5 and Roomba E6.

First, let’s talk about Roomba E5.

Roomba E5:

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Roomba E5

The overall view


  • The common point of the products from iRobot Roomba is small and circular shape. To be exact, for this Roomba E5, it is 13.3 inches in width and 3.6 inches in height. Besides, it weighs more than 7 Ibs. This neat design makes it easier for the robot to move around your house.
  • In terms of color, there are two color – black & grey – it not only simple but also elegant, which is perfect match for your house. 
  • Buttons are designed to be placed on the top. By pressing the middle one, you will start the clean process right away. Home and Spot Clean button are arranged next to Clean one.


  • The patented 3-Stage Cleaning System that the manufacturer designed for this Roomba E5 is amazing. It will play an important role in pulling dirt, dust or hair from your floors and carpets.
  • The cleaning effective is also boosted thanks to the Dual Multi Surface Rubber Brushes. If you are worry about bending or cleaning not 100% of your entire house of bristle, rubber brushes in this product will blow your worry immediately. Thanks to the fact that the brushes are made from rubber, they are able to keep on the hardwood floor or carpet or more types of floor with purposes of vacuuming your house up to 100%.

Dual Multi Surface Rubber Brushes
  • The Power-Lifting Suction that makes the machine become more powerful to pull the deep dirt out of your carpet. This kind of suction can show 5x the air power. It means that if the more powerful the machine is, the greater performance Roomba E5 will show.
  • In addition, the high efficiency filter is equipped with the Roomba E5. This type of filter is said to remove most of the pet hair in your house. So, if there are 3 or even 4 dogs in your house, it is no longer a problem.
  • It is more interesting that Premium 3-stage Cleaning System is special technology which can make dirt and pet hair not feel comfortable any more.

Being Smarter

  • iRobot Home App

When it comes to the robotic vacuum cleaner from iRobot Roomba, we can’t miss one of the popular points – iRobot Home App. You just need install the app and get your smart phone connected to the robot. That’s it. It is very simple but convenient. By following these easy steps, you are capable of starting the cleaning cycle, supervise how your robot vacuum cleaner works, control it based on your preferences.

  • Controlling via voice

You both want not to move your body, just lay on your bed and clean your house. It seems to be impossible. But, with Roomba E5, everything is feasible. It allows you to control it through apps such as Alexa or Google Assistant.

  • Recharging automatically

After cleaning your house, the device will automatically back to the charging area. You don’t need to carry it back.


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iRobot Roomba E6

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Roomba E6



  • In comparison to Roomba E5, this E6 is wider (13,4 inches). However, they have same height and weight (3,6 inches in height & 7,2 Ibs in weight).

The run time

  • Approximately 90 mins. After this amount of time , it will automatically go back to the charging station.


  • Direct Detect Sensor is equipped with Roomba E6, which helps the machine focus more on the areas that contains a lot of dirt, debris and dust as well. 
  • Edge-Sweeping Brush with a 27-degree angle.  If you are concerned  about how the machine clean in corners of your house, this kind of brush will help you ease this concern by sweeping dirt that stay deeply in the edges.
  • Making 60 decisions +/ sec. Designed with full of smart sensors, Roomba E6 quickly adjust to your house, navigate and vacuum the floors effectively.
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  • Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barriers. By different mode you can control the robot go anywhere that you want. Especially, the Halo mode prevents the robot from going near to things you don’t want it to break.   
  • The bin with washable ability. It can be washed by the product’s users so that they can remove all dirt and dust from the bin.  
  • Cliff Detect Sensor. It restricts the times that the robotic vacuum cleaner fall from the stairs.  


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Similarities between Roomba E5 and E6

It is quite easy to identify the resemblances between these models.

In terms of design, it has the sameness in dimension in the arrangement of buttons on them.

About technology, they are both equipped with Power-Lifting Suction, the 3-Stage Cleaning System, High-Efficiency Filter, and the Dual Multi-Surface Brushes, Direct Detect Sensor.

Regard of their functions, they are able to compatible with many apps. They can be controlled via voice. Besides, they are capable of automatically recharging.

Distinctions between Roomba E5 and Roomba E6

Roomba E5 Roomba E6
Only one high extra filter. You have to buy another one when your filter is broken. Extra high efficiency filter. In case, your first filter is in trouble, you will have another to replace. No need to buy.
  2 Dual-Mode Virtual Wall Barriers.
  New sensors for navigating the house

There are sensors in the barriers so that you are able to locate them around the spot. To take this as an example, if I locate them before the door of the living room, the robotic vacuum cleaner are not capable of leaving the living room and it just can vacuum only specific place more carefully.

Now let’s move to benefits as well as drawbacks of Roomba E5.

Clean efficiently  Problem with shredded paper
Pull out considerable amount of pet hair  
Water cleaning  
Move around the house flexibly  

More details about pros and cons of Roomba E5

Plus point: The customers who are owners of pets feel impressive on the amount of pet hair that their Roomba E5 pick. So if there are puppies or cats in your house, this product seems to be ideal for you.

In addition to that, cleaning not only dust or dirt but also water is an amazing point of Roomba E5.

So, why some users did not like this Roomba very much?

  • It is the problem with shredded paper on the floor. However, it mainly is a issue in the office not at home.

Pros and Cons of Roomba E6


Run well on hardwood floor A little bit noisy
Powerful suction Skip on carpets
Long running time Leave marks on carpet
Vacuum fairly effectively Stuck sometimes

Why the customers love this product?

First, it will show you the best performance on hardwood floor rather than carpet. Many users agree that it has the suction with powerful energy. In addition to that, the running time of Roomba E6 is fairly long. And the cleaning effectiveness should be highly accessed. The bin is also washable.

the washable bin

Why some people do not like Roomba E6?

First of all, the machine makes noise sometimes loud one. Especially, when you are sleeping, you don’t want the noise to wake you up. So this is the first minus point for this product. Besides, when it cleans on the carpets, it can skip on it and the owner has to start it again. Moreover, it may leave marks on carpet after vacuuming on it. Sometimes, it is said to get stuck.

So, which one we should buy? Roomba E5 or Roomba E6?

It is quite hard to say because it is undeniable that both Roomba E5 and Roomba E6 have their own drawbacks that need to be fixed in the future. Therefore, which one you should purchase may be depend on your own preferences.

In case you are looking for a product with more affordable price, lower noise you can go for Roomba E5. Water cleaning is the strength of this model if you want to clean not dry dirt but also puddles of water on your floor.

However, if you are the person who wants to try more advanced technology and want a long running time, let’s buy Roomba 6. Additionally, if your floor is hardwood one and you long for powerful suction to remove all dirt, dust as well as debris, it is time for you to experience Roomba E6.

I hope this review would be of help to you after you read it so that you can see both advantages and disadvantages of two models then select the best one for yourself.

If you are interested in more information about these products, you can find out Roomba E5 and Roomba E6 here.