Choose a Vacuum Cleaner

Why choosing a vacuum cleaner is a better option over other floor cleaners

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The vacuum cleaner has been the first choice as a comfortable and efficient home leaning device.

The manufacturers are constantly innovating and adding new and improved features to make it even better. 

The increase in popularity of vacuum cleaners is moving its growth in sales year by year. The expected revenue growth of vacuum cleaner can be up to 1.2 percent.

It is forecasted that the market for the vacuum cleaner used for residential purposes is going to surpass USD 17.5 billion. 

May it be a vacuum cleaner or any other tool, cleanliness is an important part of everyday life. Therefore, it is important to use the right tool for the activity.

After analyzing all the pros and cons we came up with a list of products that are the best in their category. 

Different Cleaning Tools vs. Vacuum Cleaner 


cleaning with a broom

Though broom is comparatively less costly, it has very limited functions.

All you can do is swipe the dust or dirt to a particular place. To move the dirt, you need other tools from the collected place and dispose of it.

This process is time-consuming, not to mention the hassle. The process of cleaning with a broom also makes a lot of dust fly and spread around.

Therefore, you are collecting only a portion of the dust as a lot of it moves and settles to other places. It is both time-consuming and inefficient. 

Air Blower 

cleaning with an air blower

The main functionality of an air blower is to blow air at high speed to disperse the dirt and dust from a surface.

E.g. blows away leaves or dust. Air blowers are not exactly cleaning anything but are just displacing the dirt.  

This creates a problem as most of the dust is blown away and you may end up inhaling it, which is not healthy for you.

This is not a problem with vacuum cleaners as they suck in all the dust. Inhaling the blown away dust might cause health problems for you.

Therefore it’s best to wear a mask when using air blower for cleaning. 

Wet Mops 

cleaning with a wet mop

These mobs are specially used to clean floors and surfaces which will not be affected if they get wet. 

Though it may be useful when cleaning stains. Apart from that, it is less efficient for dust and dirt as you have the clean the mob at the end of the wipe.

Cleaning it again and again after wipes will be time consuming and inefficient. It is also very difficult to lean corners and other difficult places.  

You cannot use wet mops to clean electronics or other devices which cannot be cleaned with a wet substance.

Vacuum cleaners work great with electronics and are efficient for difficult cleaning areas and small spaces. 

Steam Mops 

cleaning with a steam mop

These are a lot like wet mops but have the added benefit of using steam to help remove hard stains.

Similar to wet mops these are difficult to use at tight places and can only be used for cleaning stains on floors and tiles.

The effectiveness of steam mops is not that good as the same results can be obtained by using a wet mop and hot water.  

Hence the extra price is not worth. Even this cannot be used to clean electronics and is specific to cleaning stains and dirt.

If you are not careful the hot steam might actually be harmful to the floor and tiles as well. It is always better to use hot water and a wet mop. 

Carpet Cleaner 

cleaning with a carpet cleaner

These cleaners are specific to cleaning carpets.

They are designed with the focus to clean carpets with the highest effectiveness. You can get many variants, with a few which can use steam and cleaning liquid.

They are good at cleaning carpets but that is all the use for it. Unlike a vacuum cleaner which has multiple uses including cleaning carpets.

Vacuum cleaners have special add-ons for cleaning carpets and other rough areas. 

Vacuum Cleaner 

cleaning with a vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are comparatively costly but the uses far outweigh the cost.

It has many options and settings that can clean every corner of the house in the most effective way.

It comes with many attachments and brushes that allow you to clean according to the thing or place you are cleaning.  

Most of the vacuum cleaners have both the suction and the blower function which enables it to take over all type of cleaning tasks.  

 You can use the suction function to suck in all the dust and dirt into the bag. This way all the dirt is sucked in and none of it spreads over to other places.

Therefore, your cleaning is more effective, and it saves a lot of time as you do not have to clean it again and again. As the dust is collected in the bag, you can then easily dispose of the dirt and dust.  

Using the vacuum pipe you can reach higher and lower places and clean them. Using different attachment you can reach difficult places and clean it properly.

As the dirt is sucked in you do not have to worry about places where you do not have a clear view. The dust will be automatically sucked in because of the strong suction system. 

 Vacuum cleaners also have a blower option which will blow away dust and dirt with a strong force. This normally used in a place where the suction is ineffective.

In these places, you can blow away the dust and then use the suction to collect the dust. 


Vacuum cleaners are more costly than any other option in this list.

But if you look closely, then you realize that you are getting all these cleaning tools packed in one as a vacuum cleaner.

This makes vacuum cleaners the most cost-effective option and also the best option for cleaning.

As technology is improving better, more powerful and more compact vacuum cleaners are being manufactured. Hence you cannot go wrong purchasing a vacuum cleaner.