Guest Posting Guidelines

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Guest Post Requirement:
Write a 65 characters headline which included enter your keyword, it must be as prominent as possible
and able to attention-grabbing.
Tell me your primary keywords, it can be one, or at the most two primary keywords at a time. We suggest
your focus on long-tail keywords instead of short-tail keywords.
Keyword density
Keep your keyword density around 1.5% to 3%. You can use this tool to calculate your keyword density
to avoid stuffing.
Use latent semantic indexing (LSI)
Do not keyword stuffing, but use related keywords, grammatical variations, and synonyms.
Free of spelling and grammatical errors.
Unique Content
Do not copy content from other websites. Content must be original and unique as well as at least 1000
words above. You can use plagiarism checkers to avoid unintentional duplication.
Link Out
Links to related references and resources in the body of your copy can support key points and provide
more value for readers.
Link In
Linking internally is equally important. Try to find the relevant topic within this blog and link it to
improve user experience.
Write Meta Descriptions
Write a Meta description with 160 characters which also included your primary keywords. A short
description considered important because it can capture the eyes of your readers to read your articles.

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